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Simple Predicate Pushing

Simple Predicate Pushing

  • Simple Predicate Pushing은 Pushing 이 쉬운 Predicate을 의미

select /*+ gather_plan_statistics */
  t1.c1, v.c2
  (select t2.c1 as c1, t2.c2 as c2, t2.c3 as c3,
        max(t3.c3) as max_key
    from t2, t3
    where t2.c1 = t3.c1
    group by t2.c1, t2.c2, t2.c3
    order by t2.c1, t2.c2) v
  t1.c1 = v.c1 and
  v.c3 = 1

Execution Plan
   0      SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=13 Card=10 Bytes=400)
   1    0   HASH JOIN (Cost=13 Card=10 Bytes=400)
   2    1     VIEW (Cost=7 Card=10 Bytes=270)
   3    2       SORT (ORDER BY) (Cost=7 Card=10 Bytes=640)
   4    3         HASH (GROUP BY) (Cost=7 Card=10 Bytes=640)
   5    4           HASH JOIN (Cost=6 Card=10 Bytes=640)
   6    5             TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (TABLE) (Cost=3 Card=10 Bytes=380)
   7    5             TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T3' (TABLE) (Cost=2 Card=100 Bytes=3K)
   8    1     INDEX (FAST FULL SCAN) OF 'T1_N1' (INDEX) (Cost=6 Card=10K Bytes=127K)

8 - ACCESS PREDICATES "T1"."C1"="V"."C1"
9 - ACCESS PREDICATES "T2"."C1"="T3"."C1"

  • 2번 단계엇 View Operation으로 부터 View Merging이 실패한 것을 알 수 있음.
  • 7번 단계에 View 밖에 있는 "T2"."C3"=1 조건이 Pushing 된 것을 알 수 있는데 이것을 Simple Predicate Pushing 이라함
  • 책에서는 NL로 풀렸음.
  • no_push_pred 힌트를 사용하여도 Predicate Pushing 이 작동한다.
  • Simple Predicate Pushing은 no_push_pred 나 _pred_move_around parameter를 false로 변경하여도 동작함


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